• Our Services:

    We provide recycling service for all computer related hardware, no matter the age or condition of the equipment.

  • Destroying Data:

    Preventing identity theft. Protecting the commercial interests of Business.

Our Services:

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A Waste of Resources:

During 2004, 125,000 tonnes of computer hardware were dumped in landfill in Britain. Waste electrical and electronic equipment volumes exceed these figures considerably. Landfill is expensive for the economy and the environment. It leads to pollution, use of valuable land and leaves a mess for the next generation to clean up! Morevoer, it buries valuable easilty recoverable resources, that would otherwise be obtained through mining of natural resources.

This redundant computer equipment also contains extremely hazardous materials (such as lead, cadmium, mercury.....) that can lead to groundwater pollution. Avoiding the use of Landfill and preventing the export of obsolete hardware means we also know where the waste ends up.

Who We Provide a Service For:

  • Businesses (More details here).
  • Householders/ Consumers.
  • Local Authorities, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges and Charities.

Services We Provide:

hard drive recycling

Data/drive Destruction: We ensure your data is completely secure and is never accessed again. All media is completely destroyed,irrespective of the type of storage device. More details on this very specialist process can be found by following this link.

computer monitor recycling

CRT, Plasma & TFT Screens : Why dispose of your monitor when it's in working order. Same computer screens can last many years. However, units that are faulty or near the end of their working life pose a threat to the Environment- Find out why here.

computer recycling

Base unit & Laptop Recycling: We remove data storage devices from the units for separate destruction (see above). We do try and re-use more modern items but equipment becomes obsolete so quickly that we process a lot of it for raw materials- Find out more here.

cable recycling

Wires & Power Cables. Wherever possible, cables are re-used. It saves on the energy required to extract the precious copper in the wiring. We manually process this particular waste to ensure maximum return on resources. Where we can't re-use them, we refine them for the Copper content.

server/ data storage recycling

Server Disposal: Servers require extra special care. They contain sensitive data from our clients, so we recommend that all drives removed from these are subjected to a 7 pass binary wipe. Most servers are retired late in their lives and as such, are usually recycled into component form for metals extraction. Even the circuit boards are refined for their lead, platinum, Gold & copper.

network equipment recycling

Network & Comms Recycling: Routers, hubs and switches are all invaluable in the IT industry. Gigabit units are still usable in today's environment. Otherwise, they're stripped down into component form and melted down. There is always the issue of Data security, which we are fully aware of and draw your attention to Data/ Drive destruction above.

printer disposal

Printers and Cartridge Recycling: We advocate re-use of printers, their parts and used cartridges wherever possible. Empty toners and ink cartridges are sent for re-filling wherever possible. Printers that have reached end of life are recycled for plastics, metals and circuit boards. We granulate the plastics in-house for maximum materials return.

Fully Compliant:

Operating in accordance with the Pan European Directive.

Fully Licensed

ITGreen is licensed as a Waste Carrier with the Environment Agency and runs a Licensed Recycling Centre.


A Secure destruction process with fully itemised documentation.


Complete removal and treatment of all used, unwanted, faulty or end of life equipment in compliance with the directive.

Secure Disposal:

End of life tracking for redundant assets. Ensure you know where your waste ends up!

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