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How to Contact Us

Tel:0870 3000905

There are a number of ways you can contact us:

By Telephone:

In the first instance, why not call us on: 0870 3000905.

By Email:

Alternatively, you can email us at: collections@it-green.co.uk

Our Address:

Head Office Address:

Unit 5,
Lakeside Business Park
Block Fen

Fully Compliant:

Operating in accordance with the Pan European Directive.

Fully Licensed

IT-Green® is licensed as an Upper Tier Waste Carrier with the Environment Agency and runs an Authorised Treatment facility.

IT Green® is the trading name of: Computer displays (UK) Limited: (Company Reg: 05587345)VAT Registration Number: 920 5602 22.


A Secure destruction process with fully itemised documentation.


Complete removal and treatment of all used, unwanted, faulty or end of life equipment in compliance with the directive.

Secure Disposal:

End of life tracking for redundant assets. Ensure you know where your waste ends up!

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