• Computer Disposal:

    Ensuring waste computer equipment is securely destroyed without damaging the environment.

  • Destroying Data:

    Preventing identity theft. Protecting the commercial interests of Business.


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Cable & Wiring Recycling

We recycle network cabling, trunking and wiring including cat5, coaxial, kettle leads, clover leaf and figure-of-eight mains leads, extension leads, three phase and IP55 armoured flex, microphone leads and amp leads. All computer cables are sorted. A small percentage of cables are re-used wherever possible to reduce the impact on the environment by removing or reducing the Carbon footprint associated with them:

  • Recycling of network Cables is costly to the environment. The energy associated with their metal extraction is costly in energy and carbon terms.
  • Production of new cables for the IT industry is costly due to the energy consumed in their production, both through metal and plastic production.

Where cables of any form are found to require recycling, they are melted down into component form and metals extracted for re-use. The result is a reduction in the need for copper extraction from existing dwindling resources around the world. Waste cables are re-processed by hand prior to refining.

We ask that where you have a large quantity of cables that require recycling, they are stored in a box that can be removed, along with your other computer waste from your premises.

Fully Compliant:

Operating in accordance with the Pan European Directive.

Fully Licensed

IT-Green® is licensed as an Upper Tier Waste Carrier with the Environment Agency and runs an Authorised Treatment facility.

IT Green® is the trading name of: Computer displays (UK) Limited: (Company Reg: 05587345)VAT Registration Number: 920 5602 22.


A Secure destruction process with fully itemised documentation.


Complete removal and treatment of all used, unwanted, faulty or end of life equipment in compliance with the directive.

Secure Disposal:

End of life tracking for redundant assets. Ensure you know where your waste ends up!

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