• Computer Disposal:

    Ensuring waste equipment is securely destroyed without damaging the environment.

  • Destroying Data:

    Preventing identity theft. Protecting the commercial interests of Business.

Computer Recycling: Secure Asset Disposal

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About Us:

ITGREEN was founded to help UK business maintain a sustainable technology eco-system. That is to say, we help you ensure the waste technology generated by your business will not end its life as a poison or danger to others. Where possible, we try to ensure components are re-used, this being the most ecologically sound method of recycling since no additional processing is required.

As a leading technology recycler, IT-GREEN understands the issues created around the world by inadequate recycling. Much of the UK's IT waste will find itself packed up and containerised on a ship heading for developing countries. This may sound like a noble gesture, but the truth is, once the equipment arrives, it will stripped down often by child labour, and each separate component burnt off over an open flame. For more information, please take a few minutes to view this film, created by Greenpeace in India and China :Click here

As such, ITGREEN provides a full re-processing service, recovering resources from your waste equipment. Where devices are no longer serviceable, we break them down by core material. Metal work is compressed and sent to be smelted, plastics are ground down to form pellets for re-use in the manufacturing of new goods. Printed Circuit Boards a re-processed to extract gold content and other materials.

Fully Compliant:

Operating in accordance with the Pan European Directive.

Fully Licensed

IT-Green® is licensed as an Upper Tier Waste Carrier with the Environment Agency and runs an Authorised Treatment facility.

IT Green® is the trading name of: Computer displays (UK) Limited: (Company Reg: 05587345)VAT Registration Number: 920 5602 22.


A Secure destruction process with fully itemised documentation.


Complete removal and treatment of all used, unwanted, faulty or end of life equipment in compliance with the directive.

Secure Disposal:

End of life tracking for redundant assets. Ensure you know where your waste ends up!

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