Computer Waste

Computer Recycling: Secure IT Asset Disposal, WEEE ATF

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We recycle redundant computer equipment in an effective, environmentally sound manner and provide:
  • A cost efficient service.
  • Pre-arranged Bookings & Collection on an Agreed Date.
  • Residual resource Extraction.
  • Multiple Warehouses and centralised treatment facility
  • Nationwide waste transport for fast efficient Removals.
  • Asset tracking.
  • No export of WEEE.
  • A Licensed Computer Recycler (Environmental Permit: 100628).
  • Upper Tier Waste Carrier Licensed.

We accept all waste computer equipment, irrespective of age or condition and provide a full destruction service for any disks or drives. We also accept other types of electrical/ electronic equipment typically found in an office/ industrial/ research environment.(more details here)



As part of their Corporate social responsibility, businesses are required to dispose of waste electrical equipment in a manner that complies with the WEEE directive and other UK legislation. We are the perfect partner for companies wanting to ensure safe, secure and compliant disposal of their unwanted Computer Equipment. Disposing of your unwanted computer equipment in an environmentally conscious manner is a major step towards creating a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. EU directives mean this household waste must be disposed of in a specific way..

Our Depot Locations:

Recycling to WEEE Directive:

  • Cambridge (Hertford, Bedford, Norfolk)
  • Braintree (Essex, Kent and London)
  • Mancester (Yorkshire and humberside)
  • We comply wth the UK's interpretation of the WEEE Directive (England & Wales) which is enforced by the Environment Agency. This includes the application of "Best Available Treatment, recycing and Recovery Techniques (BATRRT)."

    Fully Compliant:

    Operating in accordance with the Pan Europan WEEE Directive..

    Licensed Recycling

    IT-Green® is licensed as an Upper Tier Waste Carrier with the Environment Agency and runs an Authorised Treatment facility.
    IT Green® is the trading name of: Computer displays (UK) Limited: (Company Reg: 05587345) VAT Registration Number: 920 5602 22.

    * fee applies

    Data Security:
    A Secure destruction process with fully itemised documentation.
    Complete removal and treatment of all used, unwanted, faulty or end of life equipment in compliance with the directive.
    Secure Disposal:
    End of life tracking for redundant assets. Ensure you know where your waste ends up!
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